Meet Us

Our Rustic Vintage Wedding

I’m glad you stopped by to check out my blog. My name is Karen and this is my husband, Nathan. We were recently married June 30, 2012, you can check out our wedding photos here. We currently live in the heart of Illinois where Nathan grew up. I’m a product of a farm in northeast Iowa, graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Interior Design and followed my heart to small-town Illinois to be with Nathan.

I currently work as a secretary at a farm service company…man what you do for love. I wouldn’t change it. I enjoy working in town and having no commute. It’s a stepping stone to something bigger and better. Nathan is a full-time cattle and grain farmer and he also wears many different hats, as well.

We are currently living together on his great-grandparents acreage and renovating the family home. Hence, our “Farmhouse Project”, please check it out and see the changes all along the way. We are Do-It-Yourself-ers and are going to be tackling most of these projects ourselves.

Between,  Nathan raising cattle, grain farming and selling seed and house remodeling and working a full-time job, I am trying to keep up with everyday life, being a woman who wears many different hats. You will see a variety of many different things…So here’s the story of our life and our MAJOR home renovation, I hope you enjoy! Welcome to our Rural Life Story : )


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