Judd – 8 Months


Weight: Around 20 pounds

Length: Close to 30 inches


Diaper Size: Size 4

Clothes Size: 12-18 months tops, 9-12 month bottoms

Feeding: He eats like a horse. Towards the beginning of the month we started some meat and he loved it. Both boys had such good appetites as babies and we never had an issue with eating enough solids.

Sleeping: We had a good long stretch of good sleep after the double ear infection diagnosis but still nothing too consistent. Teething has been rough for Judd. He’s spiked a few unexplanatory fevers, which make me feel helpless. He now has his 2 bottoms teeth, his right front tooth and his left incisor tooth. Been waiting on the other front tooth to come in, which has been a doozy!

Family adjustment: We’ve been able to get out and do more things as a family and it has been very enjoyable. Judd has the deepest belly laugh when his brother gets him going and it couldn’t be cuter. He loves being held while we run around and play ball or chase Hank, the bouncing makes him hysterical.

Likes: Mommy, being held and food. In that order. All the time. Spoiley baby.

Dislikes: Sleep. Kid has never liked sleep. 2 – 1 hour naps at most and maybe 8 hours at night inconsistently.

Milestones: Crawling! He hasn’t mastered sitting up yet…I think it’s the Schnettgoecke head that’s got him all sorts of weebles wobble on us, but he’s motoring around now! He’s also getting better with head-eye coordination and feeding himself, small bites of food.


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