Hank – 10 Months

photo (2)Weight: 20 pounds

Length: 30 inches

Percentile: 95% for height and 50% for weight

Diaper Size: Size 3

Clothes Size: 18 months

Feeding: All table food. He eats an ungodly amount. I cannot keep up, we finally have to just call it quits when we think he’s had enough.

Sleeping: We’ve hit a rough patch. Daily naps are not happening like they used to and nighttime sleeping is interrupted. Hank has been waking up screaming closer to the morning hours. Doctor told us this might happen, he said to make sure to just rub their back and put them back to sleep, because they are big enough they don’t need a bottle. It’s ironic it happened a week after he told me. These sleep regressions tend to happen on the eve of a big milestone for Hank. I’m anxious to see if he will begin walking after this.

Likes: Combine, tractors and anything mechanical.

download download (5)

We spent a Saturday night at our church’s Harvest Fest and it was a beautiful night.download (6) download (7)

Dislikes: Hank has a little separation anxiety with whoever he is spending time with, not specific to Mom or Dad.

Favorite Books: Touch and Feel books, as well as flap books. Hank will sit still now for a book, rather than try to pull the book into his mouth to chew on.

Favorite Toys: None in specific. Still loves household items over his toys. But he has mastered to crawl while pushing a truck along.

Discoveries: Hank loved the zoo! We attended during “Ottertoberfest” and it was such a good time and the weather was perfect.

download (4)download (3)download (2)

Milestones: We’ve moved to the big carseat and have started some whole milk out of his sippy. Hank also says, “mom-mom,” “Da da” and “Daddy,” as well as “no-no.”

photo (1)


We celebrated Hank’s 10 months at an outdoor wedding and reception for one of our good friends. It couldn’t have been more beautiful! Until next time.

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