Hank – 8 Months

I lied. This is my favorite month yet! Hank is such a little man, with such a big personality.

Phone 078

Weight: I would say around 20 lbs.

Length: 28-1/2″

Percentile: N/A

Diaper Size: Size 3

Clothes Size: Hank’s 12 month clothes still fit. His height is going to catch up with him before his weight does. 18 months isn’t too far off.

Feeding: Hank has begun table food and has improved drastically with his hand-eye coordination and self feeding. He has tried many new things, even corn on the cob, which he loved. Baby food and bottles, still the same.

Phone 062

Sleeping: Still same as 8 months.

Likes: IMAX theatre, boat and jeep rides.

Phone 009


Phone 061

Dislikes: Ear infections. That was the reason our 7 month post was so late. Hank started this month off with a nasty ear infection, third one he has had and a crazy fever. Once Hank has had 6 ear infections in a calendar year we will discuss tubes. Hank was prescribed the next level of antibiotics for the ear infection but reached a 103 fever at the peak, which we held him off by alternating Tylenol and Motrin, which I hated. Little did we know the poor guy was also in the process of popping 4 top teeth through and 2 bottom ones, which was causing the fever. His teeth are unbelievably adorable, although I could not snap a picture of them for the life of me.

Phone 003

Favorite Books:  We had a family Sunday fun-day a few weeks ago and made a trip to Barnes and Noble and picked up a few new books. Hank loves Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Favorite Toys: His walker and and anything paper.

Discoveries: Hank has discovered what makes him a boy. And that it is attached. Swinging!

Phone 058 His teeth must feel very different to him also because he has discovered the surprised “Ooo” facial expression.

Phone 067Phone 071

Milestones: Hank has developed so much this month in his motor skills, not necessarily his size. He is now sitting up without propping himself up and he pulled himself up and stood in his crib.


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