Hank – 6 Months


Weight: 18 pounds

Length: 28 inches

Percentile: 95% for height and 50% for weight

Diaper Size: Size 3

Clothes Size: 9 – 12 months

Hank 052

Feeding/Eating: We have made it through all the first vegetables and a few fruits. Shortly after 5 months Hank started oatmeal cereal for breakfast, once we started fruits we added a little to his cereal at breakfast, as well and kept his lunch and supper feedings. Hank has transitioned from 6 – 4oz. bottles to 4 – 6oz. bottles. He loves his food.

Hank 014

A typical day for Hank

    6:00am – 6 oz. bottle

    6:30am – 2 tablespoons oatmeal cereal, 1 tablespoon fruit.

    9:00am – 6 oz. bottle

    12:00pm – 2 tablespoons vegetables, 1 tablespoon fruit

    2:00pm – 6 oz. bottle

    5:00pm – 2 tablespoons rice cereal, 3 tablespoons vegetables

    7:00pm – 6 oz. bottle

I have also started making Hank’s baby food. Not as hard as it sounds. Steam it, blend it, freeze it. I use the Ninja blender, which has made making baby food a breeze. I found this site very helpful. I used a metal colander and our chili pot to create my own steamer, I used only nursery water to steam and thin the consistency of the purees. I froze the purees in ice cube trays covered with plastic wrap and then popped the cubes out into a labeled gallon size freezer bag. I try to make only enough for 1 month. So far I have made: carrots, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, bananas, mango, pears, apples, and peaches. We will be trying plums and avocado next.

Hank 011

Sleeping: Hank has settled in to a pretty predictable sleep routine.

    5:15 – 6:00am – Wake up

    7:00 – 8:00am – Occasional cat nap (no longer than an hour)

    10:00 – 11:00pm – Morning nap (1 hour)

    12:30 – 2:00 pm – Afternoon nap (2 hours)

    7:30 – Bedtime (10 – 11 hours)

Likes: Chewing on anything and everything. This boy has not cut a tooth yet but drools/slobbers on everything. Still loves bath time and he also loves his dogs.

Hank 121

Dislikes: Hank is only restless and fussy if he is sick. He has another ear infection.

Favorite Books: Peek-a-boo flap books and anything farm related. He mostly just likes to chew on any book, rather than look and listen.

Favorite Toys: Sophie the giraffe, crinkle blanket, and his tried and true jumperoo.

Hank 162

Milestones/Discoveries: Can sit up unassisted for a short while. Has also began pushing up and scooting backwards on his tummy. Not quite crawling, but is working hard. Hand-eye coordination has improved drastically.

Sometimes I wonder how Hank has already made it through a half a year. Blows my mind.


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