Hank – 5 Months

5 months

Weight: 16 lbs.

Length: 26-1/2″

Percentile: 75% for length and 25%-50% for weight and head

Diaper Size: Size 2, but really need to be switching to size 3.

Clothes Size: 9 months

Feeding/Eating: Hank is still taking the same amount of bottles and we’re still at 5 ounce bottles, occasionally he steps it up to 6 ounce bottles. We are still using size 2 nipples, we could probably switch to size 3. Diaper size and nipple size seems to coincide for us. We switched from size 1 to size 2 in diapers and nipples at the same time and I feel we will be doing the same from size 2 to size 3. We have introduced cereal and vegetables! It is all an experiment and we are just leading ourselves. Our doctor recommended starting Hank on cereal at 5-1/2 Months and solids at 6 months, but I felt he was ready. The poor kid tracked the food from our plates all the way to our mouths and never missed a beat. He was interested in the whole eating thing and I took that as a cue that he was ready to start. Our doctor also recommended to work through all the green vegetables feeding one variety at a time for several days, then introduce a new one in that same manner. Then moving on to orange vegetables and all the fruits, making sure to rule out any food allergies/sensitivities. We plan to do just that.

Hank 001

Week 19: Hank had his first taste of runny rice cereal at almost 19 weeks (Easter Sunday). He didn’t seem to care for it. Tried all consistencies, hated it. Did I mention Mommy and Daddy hated it too? Hank woke up twice a night when we started rice cereal. For what reason, I do not know. I was curious so we quit it for a day and Hank slept through the night. We started back up again and even increased his cereal to 2 times a day to try and fill him up to sleep through the night. No luck. We quit it one more day and he slept through the night. I was ready to throw in the towel on cereal and just do vegetables and fruits. Until I discovered Gerber’s site and it helped tremendously. I was desperate for answers on how to properly start solids, what was the importance/purpose of rice cereal, when to start vegetables and fruits, and how much, how often etc.? It seemed that everyone had a different opinion and being the first time Mom that I am, I wanted to do it right…even when there really wasn’t a right or wrong way.

Week 20: We quit cereal during the middle of this week and started green beans Friday night. Finally some encouragement. He. Loved. Them. I gave him about 1 tbsp. at 5pm with some rice cereal and he gobbled them all up and still took his bottle. After taking small amounts of green beans for 3 days, Hank all of sudden upped it to a whole first foods container of green beans in one sitting. After reading this article, I decided we would aim to reach a balance eating schedule like that, after we had introduced all of the first foods to Hank.

Week 21: We started this week with 1 serving of plain rice cereal around 11am (lunch time at daycare) and 1/2 container of green vegetables and 1 serving of rice cereal for dinner at 5pm. I plan to add the breakfast cereal feeding around 6:30am and swap his lunch cereal feeding to vegetables when I feel he is ready for an increase. We will see how this whole thing pans out.

Sleep: For the most part Hank sleeps from 8pm – 5:15am. Sometimes he will wake up once between 3 – 4 am and go back to sleep until 6 – 6:30. We experienced the 4 month sleep regression, if you have a little one, google it. You will be glad you did and read this article. We hit a rough patch in sleeping once we started cereal at 19 weeks too. Whoever said feeding babies cereal will keep them full longer helping them sleep longer through the night, has clearly not met Hank. Hank woke up twice a night when he was only eating cereal. Once we added vegetables he only woke up once and now sleeps through most nights. He also can sleep anywhere.

Hank 013

Likes: Green beans, peak-a-boo, being outside, and sleeping on his tummy.

Hank 026Dislikes: Being left alone and his body also hates the heat. Hank only gets a little fussy, but his poor cheeks get so red. My solution. Soak and ring out a clean burp rag and drape it over his head…does the trick every time.

Hank 016

Favorite Books: Top Producer magazine and anything crinkly.

Hank 022

Favorite Toys: Jumperoo

Hank 020

Milestones: Started solid foods.

Discoveries: He has found his feet and they are his favorite! He also tracks food from your plate to your mouth when you’re eating. His eyes are also turning hazel/brown.

I had such a wonderful Mother’s Day. Daddy took care of the middle of the night feeding and washed all the bottles Mother’s Day morning and finished it off with flowers and garden tools from him and Hank.


Hank 025We capped the day off sitting out along the river with a few cool drinks.

Hank 031


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