Hank – 4 Months

Month 4

Weight: 15 lbs. 4.5 oz.

Length: N/A

Percentile: N/A

Diaper Size: Size 2, but doesn’t seem like for long.

Clothes Size: At 14 weeks we switched to 6 months clothes, we should have switched sooner. Hank has been wearing 3-6 month and 6-9 month pajamas this last month. He now comfortably wears 6-9 month pajamas, 9 months tops and 6 months pants. We almost skipped 6 months clothes altogether. Don’t you love that little smirk?

Hank 034

Feeding/Eating: Still at 5 ounces. Hank usually has one bottle when he wakes up in the morning, anywhere from 5:30-6:30, then he will have 3 – 5oz. bottles at daycare and he will also have 3 – 5oz. bottles at home, most likely at 5pm, 7pm and 9pm. He occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night and will eat another as well. He is pretty predictable. We have not started rice cereal or solids yet, we hope to start as soon as we go to Hank’s 4 month check up.

Likes: Bath time! I was lying him down on a bath mat during bath time to kick around, however, Hank developed a double ear infection a week after I started that. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with that, but I am taking precautions and putting him back up in his bathtub.

Hank 022

He likes being naked.

Hank 010

He also loves rolling over! He had been so close to rolling over since 13 weeks, however he rolled from back to front and then front to back the morning he was 4 months old. Now, we can’t get him to stop.

Hank 067Hank 066

Hank 030

Hank 068

Dislikes: Being alone in a room. I don’t think he quite has Mommy/Daddy separation anxiety yet, but he can be happy as a clam and you’ll leave to finish something and he’ll start crying.

Hank 012

Favorite Books: Anything with animals. My dear friends from Iowa brought him so many great books when they came down to visit last weekend. He sure loved having them here. I’m a bad Mom and have no pictures of them together or of the entire weekend, including my birthday…fail.

Favorite Toys: Jumperoo and his lion hanging from his car seat handle.

Hank 060

Milestones: Drooling and teething like behavior at 12-13 weeks. He started reaching at 14-15 weeks. Tracking objects 14-15 weeks. High chair at 15 weeks. Most recently at 16 weeks, he calms down when he hears/sees his bottle being shaken. He now associates that with feeding. It’s amazing, everything he is absorbing. He rolled both ways at exactly 4 months and had his first haircut the day after, he looks like such a big boy now.

Hank 041


Hank 070


Hank 0721

Discoveries: His hands and thumb and the Easter bunny!



Have a Happy Easter from Nathan, Hank and I.


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