32 Week Update


How far along: 32 weeks

Total weight gain to date: 12 pounds

Maternity clothes: For sure, for sure. However, I discovered the Bella Band this week and put it to good use on a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans. It worked very well.

Stretch marks: None

Sleep: Getting up to go the bathroom at least once a night and these leg cramps…

Best moment this week: Seeing our baby on the ultrasound. Baby is approximately 4 pounds, has Nathan’s lips and has a full head of hair…I absolutely cannot wait to meet see him or her.

Miss anything: Being able to bend over and pick something up off the ground without feeling like the life was being squeezed out of me.

Movement: Busy as usual but it’s getting cramped in there.

Food cravings: Just a crazy big appetite. Trying to make the best food decisions, but some days that goes out the window.

Gender: Still have my gut feeling.

Labor Signs: I feel some tightness across and on the bottom of my belly, not sure if that is practice contractions or just the weight of holding my belly up.

Symptoms: Leg cramps

Belly button in or out: Not fully out yet.

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: This pregnancy has brought out the best in me, so I would have to say happy, very happy.

Looking forward to: My baby shower this weekend. It will make all of this so real and it is always good to see everybody.


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