28 Week Update


How far along: 28 weeks

Total weight gain to date: Um…10 lbs. So for all of you, that said, “you haven’t gained much at all,” this is for you.

Maternity clothes: Yes, definitely needing more jeans, 2-3 pairs is not cutting it. They just don’t make maternity jeans long enough, so now that it’s getting closer to non-sandal weather, my jeans are further from hitting the ground when I wear my closed toed shoes.

Stretch marks: No, but I can’t miss a day of lotion or my belly is itchy, itchy.

Sleep: Usually pretty good. Definitely no belly sleeping anymore.

Best moment this week: Watching baby quiver, shake, roll and move around in my belly has been very entertaining. The best moment though, had to be seeing my sister and my dad. It’s always nice to see family and spend a few days together. I sure do miss them when we are apart.

Miss anything: Being able to sit straight up in bed. I now roll onto my right side, (rock a little) prop myself up with my elbow and then I can sit up straight. Nathan says I look like an old cow…it’s alright, I agree.

Movement: All the time it seems like. I cannot not slouch anymore because it scrunches the baby and I get a swift punch in the ribs, I have to sit up straight to stretch my belly out.

Food cravings: Food in general. I have breakfast, 2 snacks, lunch, sometimes another snack, then supper with dessert. This may be why I am now at 10 lbs. of weight gained.

Gender: Baby. Only approximately 12 weeks until we find out!

Labor Signs: None.

Symptoms: When I change sleeping positions too quickly, I feel like I have ripped a muscle low in my abdomen. Just can’t move like I used to. I also am beginning to tire again after the work day.

Belly button in or out: In and I think it’s bound to stay. It is very shallow, but doesn’t seem like it will officially “pop” out.

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: A little more irritable, but for the most part still keeping busy which keeps me happy.

Looking forward to: Of course, meeting our baby, but also the change of seasons and decorating our house after this renovation.


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