21 Week Update



How far along: 21 weeks

Total weight gain to date: I think I gained my first pound!

Maternity clothes: Yes, see those nice jeans above. ; )

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: Can’t seem to get comfortable.

Best moment this week: Feeling baby move from the outside of my belly!

Miss anything: Nathan wants to go to Six Flags and I have to pass this year…

Movement: Yes, a lot! Nathan even felt a tiny fist bump…; )

Food cravings: Can’t. Get. Enough. Of. Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares out of the fridge…they have to be in the fridge or their not the same.

Gender: Craziness…I read this article today, that states if you combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived and the resulting number is even, you can expect a boy. If it is odd, you can expect a girl…creepy, right? I’ve done my siblings, Nathan’s siblings, my nieces and nephew and they all came out correct. I also can attest to a lot of things on the list. I also did my Chinese gender chart and it was boy and not to mention my gut feeling from the beginning that we were having a boy. No matter what we deliver, I will be estatic and infatuated with our little one, boy or girl.

Labor signs: Nope

Symptoms: Not greasy hair…weird, I know.

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Had my first hormonal-emotional-explosion on Saturday…poor Nathan.

Looking forward to: Fall/Winter maternity clothes.


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