20 Week Update

20 weeks

Let the baby bump pictures begin…I finally now have a belly!  I haven’t felt the need for “baby bump” related posts up until now because, well, there hasn’t been a bump. No symptoms to speak of and frankly, my belly looked like it did in my college beer drinking days. I didn’t have much to share. Now, my belly has progressed (maybe) from beer drinking belly to baby and I plan to update each week from here on out, with a little questionnaire and picture.

How far along: 20 weeks! Yay! We’re half way.

Total weight gain to date: None, as of yet : )

Maternity clothes: Yes, but still can wear my pre-maternity clothes with a fancy hair tie contraption. ; )

Stretch marks: Nope, mom never had any and neither did my sister…I hope it’s hereditary

Sleep: A few leg cramps and waking up to pee almost every night.

Best moment this week: Feeling movement, it started with a few flutters and now it is definitely a distinguished “baby moving” feeling.

Miss anything: Beer! I will make it though. 😉 I made it through my third wedding reception since being pregnant and made it until 1:30am.

Movement: Yes, can’t wait until Nathan can feel!

Food cravings: Weeks 15-18 it was salt. Especially Munchos. (If you haven’t tried them…Best. Chips. Ever.) As of now, nothing that I can narrow it down to, still have a great appetite.

Gender: We’re not finding out! Call us crazy but we’re ready for our Christmas surprise. 🙂 Besides, we had our ultrasound yesterday and the lady said baby was sitting cross-legged and she would have had to work at it to find out.

Labor signs: Nope

Symptoms: A few headaches, but that’s about it. (Thank the Lord!)

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: You ask me, I say happy, you ask Nathan…

Looking forward to: The belly…or at least a definite pregnant belly. Right now, mine could pass as an addiction to beer and Munchos.

Here is a picture of the peanut, already sucking on his or her left thumb…we could possibly have a lefty.



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