Landscaping Has Begun

Even though the weather has yet to straighten out completely, Nathan and I dove into preparing our lawn for landscaping this past weekend. Today is feeling more like spring than any day so far this year!

A few weekends ago, my mom and I laid the boundaries out for our landscaping with a garden hose. We lifted the sod with a quick step on the shovel and a little lift along the boundary line, so Nathan and I had a guide once we could remove the dirt. Sorry I have no pictures.

Yesterday, we began to remove the 2″-3″ inches of sod and dirt to make way for shrubs, bushes, rock and edging block. This wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t had the loader tractor to remove the dirt and sod from the square places of landscaping. Life saver!image

Next weekend, my mom and I plan on going plant and shrub shopping to get this show on the road. This is such a great wedding present. Every day we will enjoy this gift and it will be a gift that keeps on giving, year after year. Thanks Mom!imageEveryone enjoy the weather and I will make sure to update you once progress is made. ; ) Happy Monday!


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