Keeping It All In Perspective

In the midst of our farmhouse renovation bonanza, it’s always nice to have a balance and a self reflection to see how far we have come and how much we really do have to be thankful for.

It’s always a constant thought process of “what’s next?” and “what can we do now?” But are we really taking the time to reflect on how much we have accomplished and all we have to be thankful for? I can honestly say no. And that is sad. God has always provided for us, but  I  constantly find myself looking past … wishing for bigger and better things, whether it be a new workout, clothes, something for our home, our marriage etc. (Can I blame that on pinterest and social media !?)

When I came across this graphic on pinterest (surprise, surprise!) awhile back, the first item hooked my attention and gave a me a good, hard reality slap.


#1 and #3 hit home the hardest for me.

I need to relax, take a deep breath, realize how fortunate we are and praise the Lord!

In this dog eat dog world of being a woman, blogging and breaking into the small business world of all things design and creative related, there is always someone or something to compare yourself to…at ALL times. And the only person we should be comparing ourselves to is the person we used to be and where we began.

Please take the time to read, because in the end, don’t we all deserve to be happy?


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