Master Bedroom Progress

It’s been awhile, now hasn’t it? As always, it’s crazy around here! But somehow Nathan and I have found ourselves officially in our next major home project. We have made quite the progress, despite our hectic schedules, although we are only partially done. We decided to tackle a new master bedroom. What made it even better, was it was a guest/storage room before, so there wasn’t much moving to do before we overhauled it.

We chose to move into this room because, as you will see, there is a large closet. We opted against the private staircase in our current bedroom, to have a larger closet. Hopefully, big enough for the both of us. Right now, half of Nathan’s clothes are in our bedroom closet and half in a closet in our living room. Half of my clothes are in 2 dressers in our bedroom and the other half in a guest room closet. So by completing this project, we are freeing up some space to start some new ones…like tearing the cheap-o closet out of the living room.

So let’s begin by saying goodbye to the blood red walls of the old room…January 13, 2013 001

This is the first picture I could nab, because Nathan had gotten the itch to start tearing out the plaster before I got home from work.

January 13, 2013 002

What a messy, messy job. And dusty… you talk about dusty!? It was a nasty, nasty mess.January 13, 2013 003

January 13, 2013 004

And here it is all cleaned out and swept.

Aruba 001

As before, in our entryway, Nathan’s brother Chad helped with our electrical work. It’s nice having a handy man like that around.Aruba 002

We left the ceiling in tact, as we have blown-in insulation in the attic and did not want to redo that.Aruba 003 The contractors put a layer of plywood and then drywalled over that on the ceiling. We only lost about 3/4″. Aruba 004

Aruba 005

It’s amazing people back in the day did not give another thought to insulate wall cavities. But there they are, naked as all get out. We solved that by insulating all walls.

Aruba 007

Aruba 008

Aruba 009

Aruba 010

Although, we handled almost all of the demo, we let the pros come in and handle the drywall, taping, mudding and sanding. It was worth it to us, to let professionals come in and get it done in less time and better quality than we could.Aruba 228

While at work one day, Nathan wiped down all the walls. Once I was home, I wiped down the ceiling while he began priming the walls. Aruba 229

I trimmed the room while he rolled the walls and the ceiling with primer. That seems to work best for us.Aruba 230

We now have 2 coats of “ceiling white” paint on our ceiling and have not yet made time to paint the walls. We have had our paint since before our Aruba trip, just haven’t had time to roll it on the walls. Cross our fingers that will be a weekend project.Aruba 231

Next item on the agenda is flooring. We are leaning towards carpet, as painting the wood floors and laminate rug have fallen through. The floors are just in rough shape and Nathan and I have both agreed new flooring is the way to go. Maybe tomorrow night we will go on a date to the flooring store? A girl can hope, right?Aruba 232


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