Happy Vacationing!

Everyone loves vacationing as much as the next person. Everyone also loves getting something new for their big trip; however, that can get pricey, especially after you’ve paid for the trip itself.

I’ve compiled a few things that I purchased for our trip that are very budget friendly and that I will get use out of even after the trip. I opted against trendy purchases, such as fedora or floppy hat and a maxi dress because I would just be purchasing those items for the trip and I know I would never wear them again.

I hope you all enjoy all my vacation must-haves!


For the days when you’re laying out the beach or in the sun…this lip balm in the bomb.

1.) EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm – $2.89

eos lip balm with spf 15 LEMON DROP .25 OZ (7g)

This is my new favorite t-shirt. It’s perfect for traveling and pairing with almost any bottom, very flattering and concealing to any flaws.

2.) Relaxed Pocket Tee – $7.80

These tanks are the most comfortable and are very lightweight. I plan to use them as a swim cover-ups on vacation, but they would be great for working out or to wear everyday.

3. Racerback Tanks – $12.99/each


I LOVE these belts, they are so flattering on all pairs of my bottoms. They are for a low waist line, where your jeans would sit, not for a high-waisted skirt or pair of shorts.

4.) Set of Belts – $10.00 for set of 2

This was on my vacation wish list, see here and it was well worth every penny, it fits amazing and comes in black as well.

5.) Fringe Bikini Top – $14.99

These bottoms are being paired with my fringe top, above, however they are not a matching set and I am glad. I love pairing things up and these two seem to go very well together.

6.) Aztec Bikini Bottom – $14.99

This bikini top was a splurge for me, but I couldn’t pass it up. It fits a little snug, but I am able to pair it with 2 pair of bottoms I already had. That makes it worth it because I did not have to buy a whole new suit, but I was able to create  2 new suit pairings, by just purchasing a new top. Win-win!!

7.) Tribal Print Bikini Top – $31.96 (20% off and Free Shipping)


The below products make me look like a Bath & Body Works hoarder, but the truth is all the products below plus a candle only cost me $30 and some change. I. Could. Not. Beat. It. They are very appropriate for the trip, considering they are the “2013 Escape Collection” and one was conveniently named “Aruba Coconut.”

8.) Body Scrubs and Lotions – $12.99/ea.



lotion2lotion 3

For those of you not choosing to “fake bake,” you will love this Fake Bake product. I talked about it here in my Aruba wish list post. It is the most realistic self-tanner product I have ever used. I first used one of my Bath & Body Works scrubs and then applied this tanner, I was very impressed.

9.) Best Self Tanner – $15.00

tan10.) Wedge Sandals – $34.99 (not available online)

These were also on my vacation wish list here. I purchased these at Charlotte Russe and can wear them with almost anything.


Hope you enjoyed! I won’t be posting at all next week, but please follow me on instagram at rurallifestory for daily pictures from our trip! Anyone have any vacation must-haves that they would just have to have for a big trip?


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