Vacation Bucket List

I don’t know if you’ve been counting down or not… but we are only about 3 days away from our beach getaway vacation to Aruba! It can’t come soon enough.

I seen this picture in an Expedia email this morning and sent it to my friend with a caption of, “This will be Nathan and I on Sunday morning.” I thought it was pretty fitting.

I have looked all over for a generic vacation bucket list that you could on any vacation…I’ve found nothing. Couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere, so my solution was to create one to share with all of you! It’s a win-win! I’ve made it generic enough to use on any vacation, yet open-ended enough to make it more specific for each vacation. A set of new little travel traditions will call it.

Here it goes…

1. Sneak out to watch the sunrise (On the beach.)

Nathan and I started this back in Cabo, the pictures aren’t pretty but it was fun to layout on the beach by our selves, snuggled up, watching the waves crash in. It was so peaceful to be out on the beach with no one else, no noise, no annoying people selling stuff.

nathan karen

2. Have a sunset dinner on the beach (or a boat, if you’re lucky!)

Aruba looks to have a lot of beach dining. If we have to pay a little more, we will because it is all about the experience. Nathan and I are pretty frugal in our travels, but we both agree on the items we like to indulge in and experiences are definitely one of them.

3. Send a postcard to yourselves.

Our families did not receive the postcards we sent them from Cabo until after we were home for about 6 weeks. It will be a nice reminder of our trip, maybe 4-6 weeks from now. I’d also like to bring a favorite postcard home to frame.

4. Ask someone to take your picture each day.

This one comes from all the head shots we have had from our other trips, as well as the one person pictures. It also helps to strike up conversation with people, which leads me to the next bucket list item…

5. Meet someone new each day.

We are going on a trip with over 600 of Nathan’s fellow Beck’s employees and there are many people we’ve never met or seen. At least strike up a conversation with someone new each day. Although, I am not just limiting this to Beck’s people, I love meeting new people and hearing their story, especially on vacation.

6. Try a new drink or food; you’ve never had, each day.

Aruba is full of many different restaurants and places to eat. I hear the seafood is delicious and that is one thing I haven’t had much of in my life. Although, this one will only apply to me, because my husband is pretty content with the foods he knows he likes. This could also be for a brand of wine or beer that is exclusive to the area or brewed there.

7. Purchase something for your house.

We brought back the most beautiful margarita glasses from Cabo. We had visited a glass-blowing factory and watched a few items be made and they had other items for sale.We purchased a set of 4 hand-blown margarita glasses for $20. You can tell they are hand-blown because the tops are all off-centered from the stem and base…I love that.

8Do something for yourself.

I have been glancing over the brochures for Aruba and they have a sunset yoga class on the beach every Wednesday evening. I would truly enjoy the experience, Nathan however, would probably rather gag himself. I have also been saying since our Cabo vacation 2 years ago that I would get a massage. We have now been on 3 trips since then and I still haven’t gotten a massage. _____________________________________________________________

I hope you all enjoy this bucket list and maybe try to scratch each item off on each of your vacations. These will all definitely become a tradition of ours for all of our travels. Anybody have any other traditions they enjoy taking part of on their vacations?


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