Time to Spread the Love!

It’s here, it’s here, it is finally here. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! I hope you are all having a fantastic day. I know I have had a great day already and we aren’t even finished. I vowed to make this day special for myself, because I enjoy the holiday so much. I didn’t want to put any added pressure on my husband and I let him handle the day on his own. I’m going to do a show-and-tell, now that I have dispersed my Valentine goodies.

I pulled together these custom valentines a few weeks ago on photoshop. I started from complete scratch. I knew I was going for a layered look and wanted a chevron pattern, and this is where I ended.


I originally made these in 5×7 size and sent them to family members and friends with our wedding pictures for a personal (belated) valentine. For these smaller valentines, I simply printed 8 to a page on our home printer and cut them out. I attached them to small travel-size bottles of Bath & Body Works lotion, which I got on sale for a $1 a piece, couldn’t beat it.


I wrapped Nathan’s present pretty, well…rustic (let’s say) this year. I used an old newspaper, wrapped in some yarn I had left over from my valentine yarn flowers and incorporated some salvaged Christmas ribbon and scrapbook paper. Surprise, surprise, he got a new plaid shirt. Sorry I didn’t snap a picture this morning.

But I on the other hand… got these beauties.flowers

I just absolutely love them. They are very reminiscent of our wedding flowers and not the typical red rose. The smell so…good! He did amazing this year! Nathan also gave me our typical practical gifts, an easy desserts cookbook, hand lotion and the most adorable and meaningful card, that I knew he hand selected and didn’t just grab off the shelf.  However, he tells me I have another surprise when I get home tonight…what happening and where is my husband!?

How is everyone else’s Valentine’s day going!?


2 thoughts on “Time to Spread the Love!

  1. You two go all out on V-day! I didn’t think I would see Austin today. So, I dropped a card off at his apartment last night so he would get it this morning after he got off of work. Well, while I was packing my lunch this morning, the door leading the to garage opened and I probably jumped ten feet in the air! It was Austin!!! And he had a gigantic card for me. I was so surprised and SO happy I got to see him 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear what happens tonight!

    • Oh this isn’t how it’s always been, I just recently got into the holiday this year and Nathan followed suit. I’m so glad you got a Valentines surprise as well! Soak up this lovely day! 🙂

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