Happy Fat Tuesday All!

I’m veering a little off track today, but it is so worth it! It is Fat Tuesday, the day you absolutely gorge yourself and pay for it tomorrow when you fast on Ash Wednesday. I spent last year in NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had!

You seen underwear, outside of pants…

Underwear on heads…

Tutus and rainboots…

Big ole’ beads…

Go-go boots…

and glittered minis…

But some of the neatest things were the beignets and hot chocolate from Cafe Du Monde.

The beautiful, I mean b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, pop-up parades all over town.

The breathtaking architecture and party-filled streets.

There were masks and face painting…

Drinks in monkey nuts. (I mean coconuts.)

Joker hats and fanny packs.

So in honor of the holiday this year, I baked a traditional king cake to share with my co-workers. I love bringing the festive spirit to work, it always lightens the mood and makes the day more enjoyable and pass quicker.

I used this fairly simple recipe for my king cake. I actually felt very domesticated upon completing this. It involves yeast, rise time and kneading, something I do not do when bake.

2013-02-11 21.32.00

Here is a quick history lesson: A traditional king cake is like a coffee cake with cinnamon or cream cheese filling. It is glazed or frosted and decorated with Mardi Gras colored sprinkles (purple, gold and green.) Purple represents  justice, green for faith, and gold for power. There is usually a small baby or trinket baked into the cake or laying in the center.

2013-02-12 09.20.50.jpg

Who ever receives the piece of cake with the baby, is suppose to have certain privileges and obligations, such as “King” or “Queen” for the day. In this day in age, it can just mean they provide the next king cake for the next Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday celebration.

2013-02-12 09.22.11.jpg

Andy was actually much more happier than he let on in this picture about being “King” for the day.

I thought I would share a throwback from last year’s Mardi Gras celebration.

I hope you all have a wonderful and fantastic Mardi Gras today! Pig out, throw on some beads and let’s make this Tuesday fat and fast!


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