Happy 4th Birthday to Oakley

I officially feel old at almost 24 years old. My niece, Oakley Mae and I are almost exactly 20 years apart. I cannot believe 4 years ago (almost to the hour) I was leaving my Design II class at UNI to head for the hospital. My sister, Kristen, was 4 centimeters dilated and they we’re keeping her until the baby was born. We had no idea how long that would be or when the “baby” would make an appearance, but I wasn’t going to miss it. Kristen ended up being taken in for an emergency c-section around 6 PM and Miss Oakley Mae Kaufman was there about a half hour after that.

An hour after Oakley arrived in to this big ole’ world.

It was the most mind-blowing thing I had ever experienced, seeing my sister with her 9-month pregnant belly being wheeled out of the room and a half an hour later, being wheeled back in with a baby, dressed all in white, laying next to her looking around the room. It was an emotional roller coaster. Everyone was crying tears of joy and asking desperately, “What did you have?” “Is it a boy or girl!?” Kristen let us stir for a little while before she said, “It’s a GIRL!”

You can read my mushy post about Oakley here from this past summer (It is towards the bottom after all the pictures.) I was reminiscing at how much time and milestones had passed from the night she was born, to the little lady she has become.

Please enjoy the group of pictures I have compiled to commemorate Oakley Mae’s 4th Birthday today!

Oakley at about a month old, napping with me on the couch.

Early summer of 2009, right before she rolled over for the first time on her daddy’s birthday.

Oakley as a ladybug for Halloween in 2009.

Oakley’ on her 1st Birthday, with Grandma Jody and me.

Oakley at 18 months.

Oakley as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, along with Macy as Toto.

Oakley at her 2nd Birthday. She had a Dora themed party.

Oakley as Olivia for Halloween 2011.

Oakley at her 3rd Birthday. It was Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed.

Oakley on our wedding day, this past June, in my shoes.

Oakley Fall 2012. This is when I began to feel old. She got all her hair cut off and looked so mature, like a little lady.

Oakley as Tinkerbell and Cash as a Farmer for Halloween 2012.

Even though this is how most all of our wedding pictures with Oakley ended up, they’ll make for a good story later on.


Happy 4th Birthday Oakley Mae, I hope you have a beautiful Hello Kitty themed birthday party tonight!


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