To bring out the kid in you…

Welcome to the 14 Days of Love series here on Rural Life Story! (Well, technically it is only 10 days, because I will only be posting on week days, but you catch my drift.) Each day I will post something to sweeten the days following up until Valentine’s Day.


I’m back…like an unlucky penny, but in this case I bring good news. A stress-relieving FREE project. Isn’t that what we all need towards the end of this work week? I came across this free artwork in Young House Love‘s blog post yesterday.

They had completed it for their two-year old daughter, Clara’s room. It’s perfect to complete in time for Valentines Day, but leave up all year long. All you need is an extra 8 x 10 frame to display your artwork.They received it from Tried & True‘s blog. You can get the free-printable here.

Take the time to print it off. Sit at your desk or at your kitchen table and color this is with any markers, colored pencils or water colors you may have and relax. There is something about coloring, that is so peaceful and relaxing.  Take some time for yourself or let your kids in on it too.

Here is mine that I completed.


I actually took the cheater’s way out and used the paint bucket on Photoshop. On my way home tonight, I realized I had no markers, colored pencils, crayons etc. How could I not have any markers, colored pencils or crayons? The answer is beyond me and all the ones I owned in college for my design classes are still back home, in a drawer at my Dad’s. Mental note: must bring those home for productive projects like this. : )

Please take some time for yourself today and print this out. You will find that it brings out the kid in all of us. Check out this site here for some inspiration. Enjoy!

Only 6 days until Valentine’s Day!


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