Valentine’s Home Tour

Welcome to the 14 Days of Love series here on Rural Life Story! (Well, technically it is only 10 days, because I will only be posting on week days, but you catch my drift.) Each day I will post something to sweeten the days following up until Valentine’s Day.


As promised, I am back tonight we a holiday home low-down. As we near the holiday, I thought I better give you a tour of our Valentine’s decorations around the house. They aren’t much, as we are still working through our home renovation and smaller household projects, but why not decorate and enjoy our house now instead of wait, right?

I made these red variegated yarn pom pom flowers in no time at all last Friday night while watching TV.

Valentine's 002

The yarn I chose, had orange, deep red, purple and a poppy red all tie-dyed into the yarn. For $2.77 for the yarn and a $1.77 for the wire used for the stems, I couldn’t beat it. I can’t wait to make more for this spring and summer. I followed this super easy tutorial from Domestifluff, which made it so easy and enjoyable.

Valentine's 003

Valentine's 005

I filled our mason jar vases with some springy peach peonies, left over from our wedding.

Valentine's 007

I framed my most beloved Valentine’s gift ever. I received this as a gift tag on my Valentine’s card from Nathan last year. He had watched a tutorial online on how to make an origami heart because he felt bad that my gift didn’t arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. He wanted me to have something special on Valentine’s Day and it was something I will cherish forever.

Valentine's 008

Everyday I wake up to it and it is such a sweet reminder of our love…cheesy I know. Please ignore the Fifty Shades Freed on my nightstand… I actually didn’t put two and two together until just now…while I am typing this. Awkward…

Valentine's 010

I filled a white ceramic vase, that I found at Target, with bright pink flowers. In the bowl, I put my homemade Valentine’s that I made to share this year. Can’t wait to share those with all of you, later on in this Valentine’s post series.

Valentine's 011

Can’t forget my ribbon garland that I posted here.

Valentine's 014

Oh and I almost forgot, does anybody spot anything different about these following photos?

Valentine's 013

Valentine's 012

We have crown molding! I’m pretty sure once we put up the first piece, I did a jump kick…Superstar style, minus the armpit sniff, but still an ambitious pull-your-hammy-kind-of-kick. Oh how I love it and can’t wait to put some window treatments up and inch further to this room’s finish line. Enough with that, that is for a later date. For now we are focused on sharing the love from our home to yours. Hope you all enjoyed! Anyone else put up Valentine’s decorations this year?


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