Valentine’s Ribbon Garland

Welcome to the 14 Days of Love series here on Rural Life Story! (Well, technically it is only 10 days, because I will only be posting on week days, but you catch my drift.) Each day I will post something to sweeten the days following up until Valentine’s Day.


I’m back tonight…late, but none the less with an easy DIY Valentine’s project. A Valentine ribbon garland and did I mention it is super easy!

Valentine's 002

It involves: String, yarn or twine (whichever you have on hand or prefer) and 3″-4″ strips of desired ribbon. The rest is pretty self-explanatory and stress relieving.

Valentine's 004

First, I cut strips of satin ribbon that I salvaged from our hanging mason jars at our wedding into 3″-4″ strips.


I purchased an additional roll of red satin ribbon to add to the mix, just to make it a bit more festive. I measured the length of twine I needed by swagging it to my liking on the first window and then doubling it, leaving a couple of inches on each end to attach it to the window. It’s that simple.

Valentine's 005

I then tied each ribbon strip approximately 2″ apart, all along the length of my twine and hung it on our dining room window.

I am very satisfied with my garland. It has a very rustic/shabby chic feel to it and I love it. I hope you all love this easy Valentine’s project too!

Valentine's 006

Let the countdown begin! Only 10 days until Valentine’s Day!


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