14 Days of Heartfelt Love

Welcome to the 14 Days of Love series here on Rural Life Story! (Well, technically it is only 10 days, because I will only be posting on week days, but you catch my drift.) Each day I will post something to sweeten the days following up until Valentine’s Day.


How is it already February 1st!? I feel like I just took down Christmas decorations…oh wait I just did. I love decorating for all these little holidays, using what I have, purchasing a few new things to get our house festive. I thought I would kick today off with an easy Valentine project tutorial.  I had first seen this idea on pinterest.

Change your message daily with a dry erase marker on the glass...cute!

I decided I could create one at home, as I had everything I needed. It didn’t even take me a full episode of Wheel of Fortune, trust me people you can crank this out in no time.

I first decided on my font and size. I used Microsoft Word to type in 5th Grade Cursive (a font I found on dafont.com) in size 20. I right-justified it and printed it out on plain white card stock.

Valentine's 001

I then popped the glass out of my 5″x7″ frame and traced it on to some scrapbook paper I had leftover from a wedding project.

Valentine's 003

I wanted  a small border of the scrapbook paper to show around my white card stock.  I measured to leave approximately 1/2″ of the scrapbook paper showing and then traced a template onto the card stock and cut it out.valentines-002

I used a plain ole’ elmers glue stick to adhere the card stock to the scrapbook paper.Valentine's 004

Popped it in the frame.Valentine's 005

And used a dry erase marker to leave Nathan a sweet little message. Surprisingly, the marker wiped off easy enough with a finger and didn’t leave any residue. Mine definitely isn’t as pretty as the one above, and I will spruce it up, but I wanted you all to see how fun, easy and  this project can be.

I might spray paint the frame and print “I love you today because…” on a patterned background, like in the picture above. All these things can be done with items I have around the house. If I update it, I’ll be sure to share.Valentine's 006

Ours currently is hanging out on our kitchen bookshelf, adjacent to our kitchen table. If any of you create your own mini-message board, please share, I would love to see it!

Valentine's 007Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and have fun creating your own mini message board! Let’s bring back the expensive flowers and jewelry heartfelt love to Valentine’s Day!


2 thoughts on “14 Days of Heartfelt Love

  1. This is a great idea! It was mentioned a few time in my marriage classes that leaving little notes was a great way to show you cared! I am going to do this!!

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