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We are getting closer to marking our dining room complete!  We have painted, hung a new light fixture, created a photo wall and hung our mason jar wall vases. Now, I have been debating flanking our pocket door in our dining room with some candle sconces. We cannot have regular light sconces because…well, we can’t get into the walls to wire them. End of story. We’ve painted, the plaster isn’t going anywhere and this is an idea, I can’t seem to get away from.

I’ve wrestled with the idea of a simple rustic wood one that hold a pillar candle, however, we just completed our mason jar wall vases and I don’t want reclaimed lumber overload.

However, I love these, because they are rustic, country and partly primitive without going over board.


These are also similar and simple enough that Nathan and I could easily conjure them up.

2 Irish Driftwood Wall Candle Sconces

I had this pair in my cart at Hobby Lobby; at the last minute I took them back to the shelf. I loved the ORB metal strap and ring for the base and the bubbled glass goblets, but the curl at the bottom seemed too traditional for me.

I am looking for something a little more unexpected and UN-traditional. I love re-purposing items that make your home unique. I’d  like to bring the original character back into the home from the time period it was built. Maybe a pair of candle sconces from the 1930s would be the ticket?

I really like the worn-in, but fresh color of these, but unfortunately they are too small, at only 8 inches tall.

Shabby Cottage Robin Egg Blue Candle sconce PAIR

I think I am getting warmer with these vintage corbels. If I could find a pair at a thrift or antique store, I could easily attach spike and put a pillar candle on the top.

Pair of Antique, Wooden, Architectural Corbels, Victorian Farm House

Like these from Old Towne Home blog.

I am on a roll! Let’s all throw down the pencil and go thrifting! Okay,okay, okay probably not the best idea. I think I’ve hit the nail on the head. What do you all think? Any other ideas that fall under my criteria?


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    • Oh you just made my morning and I will definitely be participating. Thanks so much for the nomination and I hope I can continue to gain more followers, because I love what I do. Thanks again!

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