Master Bedroom Inspiration

I sincerely apologize for being away the past couple of days. I’m kind of in a transition between projects around the house. Tying up some loose ends, deep cleaning from our recent construction phase and brainstorming new projects to tackle.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we had cleared out our storage room to convert it to our master bedroom. We have since torn down all plaster and lathe and Nathan has begun to wire additional plug-ins. I didn’t put any demo pictures in the post because it looks like all construction progress pictures do. I will post a “before-and-after,” once the drywall is up and the room is taking shape. In the next few weeks we can expect to have drywall installed.

Moving on… I am so excited to show you our master bedroom inspiration board! Stay tuned, it will be tweaked and refined, as I actually begin gathering the actual items for the room.

Master bedroom

1. Geo Global Quilt from Target (no longer available.) Nathan and I registered for this at our wedding. It is just the right weight to sleep alone with in the summer and pair with a down comforter in the winter.

2. Glass globe lamps from Target. These were also a registry item and we received a pair for our bedroom. I like the dainty-classiness they provide for the room.

3. A flush mount ceiling light from Shades of Light. Our ceilings upstairs are only about 7′-6″, so we will need a shallow light fixture, so we do not lose any more height.

4. A Yellow nightstand. I am going for a very muted bedroom, not too feminine or masculine, but every space needs a little happy pop of color. I want a 3-drawer small dresser with legs to store my bras, underwear and socks in, as storage is limited in our house.

5. Vintage floral pillow from World Market. I love vintage and mixing old with new and this pillow is exactly the concept I am going for. A vintage pattern with an updated color palette.

6. White window sheers from Target. I want this space to be light, airy and lived in. I want it to be a place that Nathan and I both feel comfortable and relaxed in. We really don’t need window coverings for privacy, but I’d like our windows to have some personality.

7. Muted area rug. I am going to try to paint an area rug on the floor upstairs, right over top of a linoleum area rug that is already there on the wood floor. Don’t ask me why there is a linoleum area rug glued down to the wood floor, but there is, so I am going to paint the wood floors white and paint a design on the area rug part.

8. Wall color. This Country Living featured space has been my inspiration all along. This exact feel I want for our room, along with the materials, finishes, textures and colors.

9. Fabric inspiration. These are just some accent colors I want to bring in in small doses.

10. Reading nook  with floor lamp. This is a long-term goal, but someday I will have this corner in our room. I love to read at night and Nathan is usually always asleep. This way I can sit off in the corner and curl up at night and read without bothering him.

Nathan and I seem to be able to overhaul one room a year, along with some smaller aesthetic house projects along the way. That time frame seems to work well for us and Nathan is the least busy in the winter. A year ago at this time, we were overhauling our entryway; since then, I was also able to spruce up our dining room. Stay tuned for our master bedroom updates, as this project comes together.

Any suggestions for our room, places we may be able to find these items or ideas on how may be able to DIY some of this ourselves?


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