Deal of a Desk

Back in July I purchased this desk from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in Springfield, IL for…a whopping $21.50! Check your local cities for a list of ReStores’ in your area.

I actually made my sister stand by it, while I went to counter to stake claim over it. The cashier actually laughed at me and asked if, we we’re “guarding” it. We shyly said, “yes.”

My wonderful husband, bought me a palm sander and I began the 3 month-long transformation of the desk. 3 months you ask? Well I have a little ADHD and I was distracted at times with other projects, so I’d work a little…be distracted…work a little more. I also, wanted to take my time and do it right, not rush through it because I was so excited to put my vision to work.


It was quite a process sanding all the nooks and crannies, over and over again and it had a veneer top and I wanted that gone. I wanted the actual wood grain to show through.

Jump ahead to the next step, deciding on a color for the legs…red. I used a red shade of Rustoleum spray paint. I wish I had pictures of the entire process of taping off the shelves with frog tape and newspaper, as well as 12″ of the edge on the top surface, to protect from any over spray.

Lesson learned: USE A PRIMER.

I went through 2 cans of spray paint and it still didn’t cover as I would have hoped…but it looks wonderful and I love it. I cannot wait to put it in our office facing out of our front window. It will be perfection.

Anybody else learn any valuable “painting” lessons that may be helpful?


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