Frame Makeover

This is a quick and easy fix, that I’m sure all of you will get great use out of. Since the weather has warmed up here, I ventured outside for a quick spray painting project.

My sister had purchased these frames at a garage sale for me this past spring to use at our summer wedding. They are a brassy/bronze vintage look and they went perfectly with our wedding theme. As I was clearing out our storage room to get ready to tear out the plaster and replace with drywall, I came across the frames, with our engagement pictures still in them.

Entryway 003

They are such good looking frames and I knew I could get good use out of them in our house, but the color just wasn’t right. I never debated any other color than a crisp white. I thought that might spruce them up and they could compliment any design scheme. I could use matting, as they are both an 8” x 10” sizes and I could showcase many things.

I prepared the frames for primer and paint. One of the frame’s back was not removeable, so I wrapped a plastic bag around the back part and used painter’s tape to secure it.

Entryway 007

Entryway 008

After learning a quick lesson this summer about using primer when spray painting; I laid them out on newspaper to give them a nice even coat of a white primer. I let that cure for 1 hour, as I wanted the finished look to be a glossy white.

January 13, 2013 005

January 13, 2013 006

After an hour passed and the primer was dry to the touch, I gave both frames a coat of one-directional strokes with the white spray paint. I paid close attention to make sure the paint didn’t start running over the embossed design.

January 13, 2013 008

I only did one coat of primer and one coat of spray paint; however, in most instances it takes 2-3 light coats of spray paint to get a good coverage on larger objects, especially furniture. You will definitely learn patience with spray paint; however it will be worth it in the end when you have a nice even coverage.

I originally wanted to hang these frames in the dining room, however, we have a photo wall with warm wood-toned frames already. It would just be too many frames for my liking.

Who knows where this pair of frames may end up along the way. The possibilities are really endless. More than likely these will end up in our new bedroom, which we just began. I can’t wait to share progress pictures!


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