My Aruba Wishlist

We are officially 6 weeks away from our sunny trip to Aruba! Nathan and I will be leaving early for Indianapolis to spend a day, either Saturday, February 23rd or Sunday, the 24th. We would like to at least spend the night before in Indianapolis before we fly out with the rest of the Beck’s crew the following morning.

I don’t remember being this excited for our previous beach trip to Cabo San Lucas in 2011, but I am so ready for our “belated honeymoon.” I couldn’t contain my excitement so I composed a personal wish list, accompanied by some wonderful graphics. Go me! I created this on a lazy Friday night, spent at home alone (a guilty pleasure) and I couldn’t have had more fun. Let’s dive in (no pun intended.)


1.) White skinny jeans. Weather in Aruba is about 85 degrees year around. However, I do not know how cool it will be in the evenings, so I thought a pair of summery jeans would be a great to pack. There are unlimited possibilities with them too, even once we are back home, need I say more?

2.) An easily packable dress. Nathan and I will have 5 days and 5 nights in Aruba and I would love to pack as many dresses as possible to wear during the day, sight-seeing, over a swim suit or out to dinner in the evening.

3.) Bright colored sunglasses with no nose-piece. I specifically like sunglasses without the prong-jelly nose pieces. I often slide my sunglasses on top of my head to hold my hair back and if any of you have ever done that with shades that have the nose pieces, it doesn’t work out so well. They get caught in your hair and rip pieces out etc. I want a fun pair because its vacation and cheap pair because I don’t want much invested in them. I always seem to “misplace” them, especially on vacation.

4.) A fedora! This one may be pushing it, but I can totally see myself wearing a fedora, shades, lying out in my suit, tanning and reading a good book. Not me? I almost cannot pass up the price at $10.80!

5.) Turquoise bubble necklace. This screams vacation, however, like the skinny jeans, I can see pairing it with many things, on vacation and back home.

6.) Flirty bandeau swim top. I have no problem holding anything up without straps, I don’t know if that’s a good problem or not. Having a bandeau swim top will help avoid tan lines and make all the well-endowed chest ladies jealous…No?

7.) Fake Bake self tanner. I first heard about this product in a post by Lauren of Edit by Lauren in this post. I am not going to be tanning in a bed before our vacation. 1.) There is only one tanning place in town and they are open odd hours and 2.) The whole cancer/spots thing scares me and my skin doesn’t tan well anyway. I will be purchasing this or a similar product in the near future to build up a base tan until I get a spray-on tan before the trip.

8.) Wedge sandals and flat sandals. This is a 2-in-1. I have both of these; however, I have worn them so much, that they are literally falling apart and worn out. I know I will be getting much use out of them this coming summer, so I don’t mind spending a little more for something of quality.

I will be back closer to the trip to update you all on my purchases. Hope you all enjoyed!


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