Quick Facelifts

As the Christmas season slips away and I make my New Years resolutions, one that ranked very high, was to write and share more on my blog. I thought I would plop this post up quick, even though it is just a wee bit old. I apologize.

I asked Chad to come over  help me add new plug-ins, light switches/cover plates in the living and dining rooms and new cabinet hardware in the entryway. I had to call in my brother-in-law to help, as Nathan does not have much motivation at the end of the day to work on these tiny little projects that I can’t do myself.

The plug-ins, switch plate covers and light switches range from dark brown…to off-white/cream. I wanted to update them throughout, to a crisp white downstairs. It’s such a simple fix, but we had been putting it off for some time.

Entryway 012

For the most part, it was a very simple project, but I have no knowledge of electrical work, let alone I shouldn’t be allowed to do any of that on my own. It’s so nice to have a new-finished look with the new white covers, plug-ins and switches.

Another project we tackled was adding cabinet hardware in the entryway. It was fairly simple after I created a template. If you are going to be adding hardware to any cabinetry, be sure to save yourself the hassle and make an easy paper template to mark your drill holes.

For drawers: Create your template (typing paper will be fine) to be the width of the drawer.

Next, mark the center and depending on if you need 1 or 2 drilled holes, mark them accordingly.

We chose to use knobs, therefore, we only needed one hole. I held the knob on my template, until I liked the placing, then I twisted it to create a marking, where I could mark the center for the drill hole. Easy peasy, right?

For door handles or knobs: It is almost the same process, except that we are dealing with a corner. We were lucky enough to have a recessed border on our cabinet door fronts, that helped me line the template up each time on a new door. I also centered the handle up with outer border on the door.

Entryway 011

I think it looks pretty darn good, for never adding hardware to cabinet drawers and doors. It was a quick, inexpensive and easy update. Each knob ran us about $1.25 and each handle was about $1.50. We had 5 knobs and 8 handles, totaling under $20.

Here is the cabinetry before hardware…

Fall decorating: Part 1And after…

Christmas 2012 052

Entryway 001

Make time for these little touches, they are inexpensive and really add to the overall design of the space.


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