Centerpiece to Door Swag

Ok, I’m back after a well rested weekend and beginning MY new year on Saturday. I have to say, I am doing pretty well. I was up and ready and at the table for breakfast at 7am (which was a small goal of mine, to eat breakfast at home and be on time to work.)

As promised, here is the tutorial on my Christmas door swag, made from a taper candle centerpiece.

Here she is, in all her glory.

Christmas 2012 062

I do not have any progress pictures or of the centerpiece before I started, so use a little imagination with the diagram and pictures below. The circled part is the centerpiece, you can somewhat tell the difference between the berries. The centerpiece berries are a brighter red.

Christmas 2012 062

We first constructed the back (or base) first, using artificial evergreen branches, a berry bush  and another winter arrangement bush cut apart. The base initially created an hour-glass shape. I had 2 evergreen branches that had long exposed stems and fanned out needles on the top. I had one upright and turned the other upside down and wired their stems together, to create the hourglass shape. A fan on top and a fan on bottom. We then wired the fillers in to plump up the top and fill in the sides. It basically created a flat, non-dimensional base. We needed to add the centerpiece to fill in the empty space.

Below, you can see how we attached the pieces together with wire.  Our solution to the sparse center section: plunk an already made centerpiece in the center, fasten it by the branches with wire and cover the candle holder with a flower. The square you see below is the base on the centerpiece.

Christmas 2012 061

Here you can see the candle holder that is now disguised by the festive red hydrangea.

Christmas 2012 059

To hang it, we bent a piece of the thick evergreen stem in to a loop and wired it down. I love how it looks and it was much less expensive than the store-bought ones.
Christmas 2012 057Thanks to my husband for wiring it together, we couldn’t have done a better job! Anyone else tackle any DIY projects for the Christmas season?


One thought on “Centerpiece to Door Swag

  1. IMO, it turned out gorgeous. Also love the idea of repurposing the center piece. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing the instructions. -Brenda-

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