2013 – Bring it On

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I am marking my new year tomorrow. I felt I was at a disadvantage, bringing in the new year in such a condition on Monday and Tuesday (with a visit to the ER on New Year’s day.) Therefore, tonight is my New Year’s Eve and I am preparing to ring in the New Year tomorrow! Cue the horns, confetti, sloppy kisses and the belligerently drunk rants of, “Happy New Year!”

But first, I will kick off with my top 3 resolution-type goals. I am normally not one to make resolutions, as I believe if you want change badly enough, you will make that change immediately. You will only make a change if it’s something you really want, if not, you’ll be wasting your time. However, these are long-term “bench marks,” shall I say, for the new year of 2013.


1. Talk/interact more. I vow to pick up the phone more in instances where I need to and quit substituting with texting, messaging and emailing. I will remember more birthdays, anniversaries and holidays by sending greeting cards. Everyone loves getting personal mail. I will organize more get-togethers in Illinois and back home in Iowa. These are the wonderful family members of my Steggall side of the family. Wouldn’t trade them for the world.


2. Share more. I vow to get with it, when it comes to my blog and create a post schedule. I will share more stories, ideas, pictures, experiences etc. I don’t want to leave those of you who read on a regular basis hanging. It is really nice to have a schedule, I know I look forward to reading posts each day from my favorite bloggers and want it to be the same for you. I enjoy being able to look back and have a record of everything that has gone on since Nathan and I have been married. Most importantly, it allows me to keep in touch with my family and friends, back in Iowa and everywhere else.


3. Take it and run with it. I have been dabbling a lot, exercising my creative skills and I need to focus my energy on one specific thing until it’s mastered or marked complete. I hope to be introducing some new and exciting things and expanding on my hobbies.

Well… I think I can live with that. I am very satisfied with these three items and I hope to only accomplish more as Nathan and I settle into our routine, as husband and wife. Any of you making any note-worthy resolutions?


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