Christmas Time in the Schnettgoecke Household

Obviously, this is little delayed but I have been bogged down by the cold-fatigue-holidays-sinus-bug-etc. for the past two weeks. I survived the holidays and am still alive and kicking. Got some antibiotics in my system and whole day worth of sleep and I’m good to go. My new year will begin Saturday, I will feel more prepared then…I think.

So back to the post, I thought I would share my holiday decorating for this year. A Holiday Home Tour you may call it. Decorating was at a minimum this year, since we are still living in renovation and random home projects. We will be starting another one soon, involving busting out plaster and lathe…no fun. We will break into that next week.

So here goes the Holiday low-down…

Our beautiful Christmas tree. Nothing out of the ordinary, I mixed in my colored coordinated ornaments from college, with the sentimental childhood ornaments. I loved it, it was perfect mixture and theme for us.

Christmas 2012 007

Christmas 2012 008I revealed my Christmas Amaryllis in this post. But I just had to show it again. Those blooms have since died, but It actually bloomed again. I have 5 new blooms and they are as pretty as they were the first time. Those ornaments in the background were another project I tackled too. With some very, very small hook screws, I hung the jumbo ornaments at various lengths, however they we’re too long then. I corrected that, just in time for our New Year’s Eve get-together, I’m right on time. ; )

Christmas 2012 005Please ignore the sloppy wall and ceiling paint job, as you can see we still haven’t installed our crown molding. We will get there, I promise. I love my ornaments, I wish I could leave them up all year around. Christmas 2012 064We also tackled a small photo wall in our dining room and paired it with the metallic “S” from our wedding. I can’t wait to paint the “S,” it just looks too….GOLD. I’m thinking something more bronze or darker. Also, you notice all the love we received during the Christmas season from friends and family Christmas cards. Christmas 2012 002It was super-super easy. I had everything on hand and I did it in under 5 minutes. I used a 3M temporary hook, tied a long piece of ribbon to the hook and attached cards with clothes pins down the ribbon. I loved that they were up for everyone to see and for us to enjoy each and everyday.Christmas 2012 065Here are some other quick holiday facelift. This is a bud vase jar I picked up at a local floral shop this summer and I stuffed it with dried curly willow that was used in a couple floral arrangements at our wedding.

Christmas 2012 004Here is the $6 lacquered pine cone wreath I bought at an antique store this fall. I also hung it using a temporary 3M hook, surprisingly it has held that massively heavy wreath for about 3 weeks. I love those hooks, they are magic.Christmas 2012 052And here is my shady shot at decorating the entry shelf again. I must say I have failed again. It doesn’t express me or the style I would like to project, but someday…I will achieve what I’m working towards. However, I love the tree on the cake plate, up and down and over again. My mom and I bought identical ones on “Shop Small Saturday” and I love it. The reindeer was $1 at a resale shop, I’m glad I cut the red and green plaid bow off its neck, otherwise we’d really be in trouble. : ) The ornaments and acorns = bad/short-cut touch. Pillar candle, also does not go at all but I still love all the pieces individually and can use them in many other applications. Time to change it out again…Christmas 2012 053Mr. Reindeer may need a good coat of spray paint. The iridescent pearl finish just isn’t cutting it for me.Christmas 2012 056

Christmas 2012 054I also picked up these little sparkly tchotskies at Gordman’s on shopping spree, they were $10 for the pair. I think they are very YHL-esque. I think I would make Sherry and John proud. Who would have thought I had the degree in Interior Design? I struggle with my own house, I guess that is because the budget and time are not make-believe this time around.  Christmas 2012 055And last but not least, the most wonderful project I completed over the holiday season with the help of my hubby was this holiday door swag. It came in at a whopping $20. That still may sound a bit steep, but similar ones are on etsy for $80, so I consider this a steal. Christmas 2012 057I’ll be back tomorrow with a tutorial on how I took the candle centerpiece and turned it into a door swag. Hope you enjoyed our Holiday Home tour and I will be back with some new and exciting things this weekend. I am marking Saturday the beginning of my new year, now that I am feeling much better.


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