Christmas 2013 Wishlist

Is it bad that I am already planning for Christmas decorating 2013? I think it’s an excellent time since everything is being marked down drastically on clearance. After reading many Holiday Home Tours on the blogs that I follow, I decided I would compose a wish list of items, that I would love to have for next year when decorating for Christmas, that will also be multi-functional thru out the year.

1.) A tin rectangular bin. This item is nothing exciting but I picked it because I already have a basket like this and it is a unique display for holiday greeting cards. In the off-season, I could use it in the bathroom for soap bottles, rolled up wash cloths or even candles. I think it was a good investment for $10.


2.) We have an old bushel bin on a pedestal on our porch, if you remember…

Fall decorating: Part 2And I thought I could decorate it for the seasons with some fresh or artificial greenery and berries. Something along these lines.


3.) A big chalkboard to write festive greetings during the Christmas season. The possibilities would be endless for all year around too. I think our entry way would be the perfect spot for a chalkboard, we would see it everyday as we walk out the door. We could do countdowns to special events, grocery lists, reminders, inspirational quotes, birthday and holiday greetings. I also have leftover chalkboard paint that we used for the chalkboards at our wedding.


4.) A glass cloche. I love the idea of ornaments, small trees, villages or figurines with a cloche over them. I could mix them with a few other glass vases and hurricanes I have to create a vignette with ornaments, as seen below. When Christmas has passed, I could use it to cover different small seasonal decorative items, a terrarium or even small keepsake items.


5.) Christmas card display line. We always receive many greeting cards and I am always looking for new ideas.

card line

6.) A festive plaid tablecloth for entertaining.


7.) And the item that I want the most would be some realistic looking greenery to use around the house to avoid the sap, the needles and the mess of real greenery. I know that sounds so un-festive like, but I just want simple and effortless. I will miss the fresh greenery smell, but heck there has got to be some scented spray I could douse the garland with.



I think this is a good start for my shopping list tomorrow at Hobby Lobby, because most of their Christmas decorations are marked down by 60-80%, what a better time to switch and update Christmas decorations. What is on your Christmas decorating wish list?


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