Plans for my dresser

I’m lazy. I have a lot on my plate. I needed a break and some fun inspiration today. Something to wipe the big “adult” stresses off my plate and replace them with a little creativity, so I decided to do an inspiration post.

Remember the dresser I scored last week? (Bad picture, I know.)

 I wanted to gather some ideas to redo the dresser. This dresser will be in the guest room and I need a jumping off point to begin the transformation. Something that is classic, sophisticated, yet fun because I would also like to use it in a future nursery someday. I pulled together some pictures of a few painted dressers to get my creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

Pinned Image

I love this tiffany blue color and it could be so versatile in any room. So many options.

Pinned Image

This modern twist with a chevron/houndstooth pattern on the drawers…in love. Love the citron yellow too.

Pinned Image

I can totally see this in our dining room…it’s a fresh spunky twist on the red buffet/sideboard I was wanting.

Pinned Image

My new found love…the ombre dresser.

And this awesome ombre dresser from Cape27blog

And I can’t forget this dresser that YHL revealed in a recent post, as well as their new book, “Young House Love.”

I am so stoked to begin this new project. I need to do a little more idea hunting and inspiration searching to settle on the final. As always, I will keep you posted on the project.


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