In the spirit of Thanksgiving…I’m going to get mushy : )

I have been seeing many facebook “thankful” statuses throughout the month of November and it brings to mind so many things that I treasure in my simple life here in Carrollton. I once read a quote that sticks with me everyday, “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked the Lord for yesterday?” What an eye opener. I try to remember this quote as I lie down in my warm bed with many blankets in a home with a roof and plenty of heat.

As Nathan and I watched a program on PBS this past Sunday, it seemed to bring a nostalgia of simpler times and the spirit of Thanksgiving. It was a documentary of the “great plow up” of the Great Plains in the early 20th century and the dust bowl. It seemed the things you were thankful for were simple, not complicated, not greedy, nor excessive. What happened to those times? People were content and happy to be making an honest living, supporting their families, supplying a roof, food and clothing for their spouse and children and believing that God would take care of the rest. Why can’t we live life that same way in these modern times?

When I read the “thankful” facebook statuses, I can’t help but think to myself, the things that I am thankful for are so simple. I enjoy the opportunities when I can put into perspective how good, bad or complicated I may think our lives are…someone always will have it worse and we are just fine. God has provided everything we need to live a content life, abundant in necessities, with plenty of extras we could live without.

In the spirit of this Thanksgiving Eve, I am most thankful for my faith in God, that he will provide, my husband and life we have made and continue to make, our families and friends and our wonderfully, simple life and the story I continue to tell here on…Rural Life Story.

Happy Thanksgiving (Eve) everybody!


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