Widdling to-do list

If there has ever been a weekend where items fly off your to-do list, this was one of them. I was so glad and thankful to my husband and brother-in-law, that they ravaged that to-do list Sunday.

1. Worked on window trim in living room. (Since the new corner rosettes arrived to continue.)

2. Put re-enforcement brackets up on my sagging laundry shelves. (I’ve had those since the summer, so simple, but has never gotten done.)

3. Carried my new desk in. It’s something I’ve been working on for a while now, but there will be more on that in a future post…but here is a sneak peek! 4. We went shopping at a has-it-all-hardware store’s retirement sale. This retirement sale has been going on since the end of the summer. They are trying to clear out all the goods they have acquired through 51 years…yikes. Everything is at least 50% off, but some items were 75% to 80% off.

On our first trip, Nathan and I scored Rustoleum spray paints for $1.50. I bought 6, I think. White, black, grey, primer and some metallic finishes too. We stocked up on paint brushes, trays, rollers and handles. I. Was. In. DIY. Heaven. Thank God we were able to go back.

I scored a wreath for our door, originally $89.95 and I walked away with it for $8.95.

We stocked up on drill bits, krazy glue, and some other odds-and-end tools too.

We then hit up an antique store, which is always a favorite of mine, because you are able to barter for a better price on anything they sell. This is the first time Nathan had accompanied me and I think he really enjoyed himself. Especially when he came across a crow bar for a $1.

I scored an awesome dresser for $55, with awesome sliding drawers, which is always I must for me. Pet peeve = crooked sliding drawers that jam. Ugh…hate that. I plan to paint the dresser, just need to settle on an idea.

The drawers even have dividers too…it was a great buy.

I also scored a half off pine cone wreath for $6.25! I love it and have even debated spray painting it in a metallic finish, as it is lacquered. I will keep you posted.

Phew!…that was a lot for this weekend. Anyone else tackle in projects around the house or visit some place new you’d been wanting to check out?


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