Friday Funny

Thought I’d share a funny story that will give you a good laugh at the price of my pride.

As I was sitting, busy, at my desk Friday afternoon I was greeted by a man, who had stepped into the office and said he had been working outside on our sewer. He had been called to check into a buzzer that had been set off earlier in the day.

He was a little leery as he began to tell me what the problem was, but as he continued, the mood lightened. My face began to brighten to a shade of red I didn’t know was possible and I think somebody cranked the furnace up at that very moment. He had informed me that “someone” had been flushing…well…you know…(tampons) down the toilet and they were wrapped around the aerator causing it clog and back up. He said if kept happening they would have to have it pumped. Considering I work in an office with all men and 2 older women, who don’t experience those “days” anymore, that left me…in all my glory…stripped of any composure and pride.

I tried to hold it together but to more of my embarassment, he had ran into Jeana, the lady I work with, outside as he left. He had told her what the problem was and no longer could I keep this between “Mr. sewer man”  and I. She informed everyone in the office that they needed to quit flushing, “said items” and I tried to laugh it off and joke like I had no care in the world…but I was absolutely mortified. Thanks to my father, I think I was able to handle “exploitation” of such information, much better than many other women. Geez…I just told all of you what had happen. Maybe I hope I’m not the only one!? My sister thought she could flush baby wipes and she only found out that she couldn’t once the pipe had clogged and burst in a wall…so I guess it’s not so bad. Everyone got a good laugh at the mercy of me in all my naive nature. : )

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody!


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