All Trimmed Out…Well Sort Of…

** This post is about 2 weeks late. My apologies for these delayed posts. I hope you enjoy our new home here. : )

Oh what a good feeling this is! Our dining room is all trimmed out, well kind of, we still need to put the crown molding up, but everything else is complete! The weather has finally allowed Nathan to help me out around the house, and the dining room, well…it was first on the list.

We had company this past weekend, along with a dinner party Friday night and that lit a fire under his…well…you know. And it looks awesome! The 5″ thick trim, really sets the window off.

It’s finally coming around to it’s full potential. As you can see…there isn’t anything in there. Give it time, I will have it all filled in. I do not make impulse decisions and I want to fall in love with pieces individually, as a group and at the right price point and that just happened yet for the dining room.

Let’s rewind a little to where we began.

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Now, let’s go back before all the prettiness. Our dining room window only had trim on the top and both sides. The bottom had a plain, wider board that reached from the bottom of the window to the top of the baseboard, so no wall showed underneath the window.

The plain board was old and rotted out and we definitely wanted to replace it with our trim and rosettes, for a nice continuity around the window. With a little bit of manpower, we pried the board off so we could put drywall up and then our trim. But, once we began pulling the board away… the plaster started crumbling and spread out further than we had anticipated.

Lesson #1 of a Farmhouse Renovation: Nothing goes according to plan

We decided to square it off by cutting with a utility knife, so Nathan would have a straight edge to but the new drywall up to. That was our saving grace from pulling down all the plaster around the window. Then we had stripped the wall down to the lathe and studs and it measured 3/8″ gap between the baseboard and studs…on one end. Nathan used some leftover drywall from remodeling his brother’s bathroom last fall. Once he laid it in there, he discovered the spot he measured, was dead on and the drywall fit…on the other end, not so much. The drywall was close to an inch away from the baseboard.

Lesson #2 of a Farmhouse Renovation: Nothing is square

So…we filled that gap with caulk and waited a good 2-3 days before painting it to make sure it was to our standards. I bet no one will notice, but maybe Nathan and I and…well all of you. : )

We still need to do a few touch-ups, like puttying the nail holes on the refinished rosettes and touch up paint on the walls and ceiling, but…pish, posh. Our table is all back together and our medallion is up around our light fixture after our catastrophe. We ended up having to use finishing nails to secure it, so next time around we will have to find another method.

I think we are ready for our dinner party!


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