Mantle…(or Shelf)Trouble

Help, please!After reading Centsational Girl‘s Autumn Mantel + Link Party post, I realized my mantel…uh…shelf isn’t all it could be. Basically, it’s all decor I’ve gathered when it was super cheap, stuff we got for the wedding and what was free and I plopped it down.
Make sure to check Censational Girl‘s site out. Great ideas posted by other fellow bloggers are shared at the bottom of the post.

What could I invest in for this space, to swap out each season? Ideas please! Please check out this post here, to see what else I have to work with.

What could I put in the frames? Are the frames even right for this space? Should I get a mirror? Layer more picture frames and framed artwork?

I do not like the color scheme anymore.

I like decorating with the natural elements of fall and the colors…not too coordinated or primitive and not too untraditional. Wow…I am picky.
I like a lot of depth and layering. Different heights, finishes, but also keeping simple as well. Something like this…from Centsational Girl‘s Transitioning Your Home For Fall post.
Schue love
Martha Stewart
I love this!
Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
We are getting closer to my style here. I think I am sold on the lantern and I even spotted some awesome ones at Gordman’s and on Target’s website.
Kate’ Place
I am open to all ideas. Please comment, link, email or share anyway! I would love to see everyone’s ideas. Happy fall decorating!

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