Fall decorating: Part 2

Oh fall how I have missed you. I would have to say that fall is probably my most favorite time of year…cool days, mixed in with a few warm ones.
I’ve finally made it around to sharing Part 2 of my fall decorating binge, you can check out Part 1 here. I moved outside to finish up preparing for fall. I’m pretty proud of myself for doing it all affordable too. So let’s begin.Here is our front steps. This is the base to the old hitching post for the horses. I assume a dowel or bar ran across the middle from each post. I can’t believe how good of shape it is in for how many years it has been around. I am sure going to enjoy decorating this spot for each season. I just love that are name is carved into the end of the sidewalk and it is not chipping away or disintegrating.

You know I love anything free, so check out the cost breakdown below.

Hedge apples = FREE from hedge trees in pasture
Straw bales = FREE
Pumpkins = $3/each at local Farmer’s Market in town
Mums = $7.50/each at local flower/craft shop in town

I am going to try my hand at keeping these mums alive and planting them too. Any advice? Crossing my fingers, I can keep these babies alive. : ) I was told to prune back after the first killing frost and once again in July when they start to bloom, to hold them off until Fall. Any other suggestions?

Another idea I loved was this “planter-on-top-of-planter” idea from Centsational Girl‘s post, September Porch Scene.

stacked planters on porch cg

So here is my take on it.

Mum = $10.98 at Home Depot and they are huge! Well worth the price
Bushel basket = FREE found it in Nathan’s scrap pile. It is dented on the backside, but you can barely tell.
Stone pedestal = FREE it is the base to a Mary statue that was at the house when Nathan moved in.
Pumpkins = FREE from Nathan’s uncle’s pumpkin patch
Curly willow branches = FREE from our wedding arrangements.

These were the left over pumpkins from Nathan’s uncle’s pumpkin patch, I plopped them on the front steps by the front door. Any ideas on how to jazz this up?

Anyone else finally getting in the fall mood? Get any ideas from pinterest? I am very proud that I have all of this done before October, I guess that leaves more time for more projects! ; ) Nathan will be so happy!


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