Fall Weekend Getaway – Country Living Fair

This past weekend, I had the joy of spending a weekend in Columbus, Ohio with a great friend for the 2012 Country Living Fair.

What a great time it was. It took us a total of 6-1/2 hours each way to get there, but such a great weekend for a girls getaway. The vendor list was endless, as well as the item list. I could have came home with a lot more, but some price tags were too steep for what I was willing to spend.

Here’s the run down on my favorite, most worth the money, what I wish I would have purchased and what I will dream of forever…

Most worth the money: My fall scented lip balms from Green Bubble Gorgeous. They come in packs of 4 for $10, and are worth every penny. Great for stocking stuffers.
4 Natural Lip Butters-Extra Healing/Moisturizing Chapstick, The Sweets Quad, made with OG  flavors, by greenbubblegorgeous on etsy

Green Bubble Gorgeous had such a sweet and spunky booth, had to snap a picture.

Wished I would have purchased: Beaded necklace and/or bracelet. The prices seemed out of my ballpark, but the more I thought about them as I put together outfits after we got back, I realized I could have paired it with a lot of things. Must find the vendor name…maybe they have a shop on etsy. (One can dream, right? ; )

What I will dream of forever…: Selina Vaughan bag. I walked away sad, snapping pictures and drooling over these bags. Maybe because I come from a farming background or my husband is a seed salesman, but I just thought these were a perfect description of me (whoever that might be.) : )
This was my favorite style of bag and $155 price tag had me torn between…
1) I can purchase so many other things with that amount of money and…
2) I do only carry 1 purse for over a year or two. To further justify this purchase, I also feel that I am always packing or looking for a bag to carry things. What comforts me is that they do sell on etsy and are sold in Bloomington, IL as well, which is not far from where we live.
Check out the rest of our awesome finds. I apologize, I was snap happy and failed to log all the vendor names. I hope to link most of these back to their rightful owners.
I had a sweet spot for this artwork and thought it was be so cute in a kid’s bedroom…but someone had already snagged it.
So. Many. Jewelry. Vendors. I loved them all and wished I had come home with a few peices. But there is always next year.

These bracelets were made out of old clip on earrings. Every single one was a clip on earring! How creative and so cute.

Check out these adorable onesies from Lottie Da. It sparked an idea for cute bibs that would snap to any onesies to dress them up, but also serve a purpose. Must mark that down on a to-do list…somewhere. Ha!

Stash was a cool shop and I recall taking a picture of the outside to remember that. It was too crowded in there to take pictures, as I was carrying a bushel basket and probably eating my famous amos cookies at the time.
I am partial to tissue paper flowers, as you can see in our wedding post. But these are new twist as they recycled old sewing patterns. Wish I would have known about this before our wedding!
Hope you enjoyed!

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