Milestone Wine Basket

It may almost be 3 months past our wedding, (tear) but I still like to bask in wedding bliss occasionally. Nathan and I received so many awesome and wonderful gifts at our wedding and at my shower; however one person’s gift sticks out in my mind. Sarah, a wonderful friend she has become, but she was originally my high school home economics teacher. She put us together a brilliant wedding gift that keeps on giving. She did not have a name for it, but let’s call it a…Milestone Wine Basket.

This is the gift that I unwrapped.
6 bottles of wine in a basket, with the front tag reading:
A basket of wine for a special pair wrapped all up for you both to share! I hope that you are both always as happy as today! Please share this wine just the way I say! : )
Doesn’t that just melt your heart. Sarah said she hand selected the bottles of wine for each occasion because of the name, pictures or the writing on the bottle. As you’ll see, she wrote underneath the occasion if she picked it for a reason. Each bottle has a tag for a “milestone” you reach during your marriage. Including: your wedding night, honeymoon, first fight, first dinner party, first baby, and first anniversary. I think I put these in a logical order. ; )
Here is what she shared with us.
Wedding Night:
First Fight:
Fist Dinner Party:
First Baby:
First Anniversary:
I hope this inspires some of you to spoil your girlfriends with a present like this. I know it completely tugged at my heart strings and I know it would do the same for any other woman. You could definitely pick different milestones, beverages or items. I can’t believe this much time has passed since our wedding day and can’t wait for all the milestones to follow. Looking at this basket reminds me, that there is so much to look forward to in life and in marriage. Slow down, take time for each other and never forget to say I love you!

5 thoughts on “Milestone Wine Basket

  1. Hi, liked this basket idea. I would like to feature it in a “basket of the day” post on my website. Please e-mail me back and let me know if this would be okay (I’d like to use the first picture).

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