Schedule of Renovation Events

Being in-between projects, I thought I would release a text heavy post. Snooze, skip, skim or read if you choose, but this is our tentative schedule of projects for the next few months. Our list only goes until the end of February, because that puts us at our official honeymoon trip to Aruba, check that out here! March also brings warmer weather which draws Nathan out of the house to prepare for spring work. Besides, this is a lengthy list and in the end it may be just that, a list that doesn’t get many items crossed off, but it’s a jumping off point. Enjoy!

Pick up crown molding at Mom’s for DR
Pick up saw horses at Kathy’s to use to paint trim
Paint existing door trim and crown molding in DR
Purchase unfinished window trim from Lowe’s for DR, LR, and Office and a ceiling medallion
Sand down rosettes
Paint DR window trim and existing Rosettes
Install medallion and light fixture in DR

Sand down desk and stain light with red painted shelves
Move filing cabinet into office
Move Office contents into Dining Room temporarily
Move Couch and 1 Recliner into existing Office
Clean out Nathan’s desk
Re-finish Nathan’s desk
Move new desk into Office
Purchase baskets for desk
Purchase task lamp for desk
Paint outside doors green
Purchase Queen Mattress and frame

Install crown molding and window trim in Dining Room
Purchase drapery rod for Dining Room
Purchase 7 yds.of fabric for 108″ drapes for Dining Room
Install window treatment in Dining Room
Hang floating shelves on sofa table wall in Dining Room
Purchase picture frames to prop on floating shelves

Take down drop-ceilings in Office and Living Room
Replace with new drywall or repair
Take down paneling in front hallway and staircase
Replace with new dry wall or repair walls
Paint Living Room, Office, Front Hallway and Staircase walls

Tear out stair and downstairs carpeting
Sand down front staircase
Paint balusters and risers with Glidden’s Quiet Hideaway
Stain treads, newel posts and banister in a deep color
Install new hardwood in Office, Living Room, Front Hallway and Dining Room

Tear out plaster and lathe in Red bedroom
Install drywall
Paint Dusty Green/Blue
Purchase new baseboards and window trim
Paint trim and install

Move Bedroom to Red Bedroom
Tear out plaster and lathe in Guest Bedroom/Our Bedroom
Install drywall
Paint neutral
Purchase new baseboards and window trim
Paint trim and install

Sand upstairs floors
Paint floors an off-white

Are you still awake? That was a lot to take in, but that is our dream list in a nutshell. All we hope to accomplish so our vacation at the end of February can be a reward for all our hard work. We can dream, right!?


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