Fall decorating: Part 1

This morning reminds me that fall is not too far off, even though it still gets into the 80s and 90s during the day. I’m ready to get the house decorated for fall. While tagging a new calf the other night in the pasture, I spotted one of many hedge trees. Hedge trees have this knobby lime green softball size balls they produce. I had never seen a hedge tree until I moved to Illinois and spotted them in the pasture while checking cows with Nathan. Hedge wood is great for making fence posts and for producing this weird ball type fruit, called hedge apples (a.k.a hedge balls).I thought what a great idea, I will decorate for the fall and winter with these balls. I first brushed them clean and wiped them down because they have these weird hairy fibers on them. The coloring is off in the picture, but you can see the black hairy fibers in the picture. You can see off to the right of the picture, that the color is more vibrant.

This is where they ended up. Aren’t they unique and fall-y in their own way!? Doesn’t that metal topiary remind you of a witch with a green face!?…Maybe it’s just me.

Here is the grand scheme of the shelf/coat hook in the entryway. However, I need to frame some pictures and work on the left side of the shelf. Like I said, this is just Part 1, so don’t judge.
Topiary – FREE (Bridal Shower gift!)

Hedge balls – FREE
Large Pumpkin – $ .75 at Dollar General last winter on clearance
Small Pumpkin – $ .25 at a garage sale this past weekend

I plopped another Dollar General pumpkin up on my shelves in the laundry area. I think the white hydrangeas from summer with the pumpkin, provide a good transition from one season to the next. When I find the right flowers to fill my metal pitcher for fall, I will switch them out.

Cost Breakdown:
Pumpkin – $ .75
Lantern – FREE (Wedding gift. We received a set of 3 from Pier 1.)

During some Labor Day shopping with my Mom, I picked up 2 wooden signs for next to nothing at Gordman’s. I have them both sitting on our entry way window sills

“Happy Halloween” sign = $3.99 + Tax

The orange scroll work on the sign is actually glittered. Looking at this picture now…it does it no justice. Will take better picture next time.
“BOO” sign = $9.99 + Tax

Here is the best picture I could capture of the entry way, with all the fall/Halloween decorations. Since the entryway/laundry room is the only room officially completed in our house, isn’t it natural that that is the only room decorated?

Here is my other hedge ball arrangement for the dining room. It looks so much better in person!

With the lights off, for the full affect…

With the new light fixture and paint color…cannot wait to mark the dining room off the list soon!

And a view from the pocket doors and living room with the new chandelier on. I like the crisp, clean feel of the hedge balls. Now if we only had the extra chain cut off the chandelier, some window and crown molding trim and new flooring…this picture would be fantastic!
Cost Breakdown:
Metal Basket – FREE (Card basket at my Bridal Shower)

Pumpkin Patch candle from Bath & Body Works last fall – $10 (got it on a 2/$20 deal. Love them!)
Hedge balls – of course…FREE

We received 2-glass hurricanes as a wedding shower gift that we registered for at Target. I love them, there are so many possibilities and I cannot wait to decorate with them for every season. We even used these at our wedding. Currently, the vase is hanging out on our kitchen table. I’m trying to spread some fall love throughout the house.

Cost Breakdown:
Glass hurricane – FREE (Bridal Shower gift)
Potpourri – FREE (Bridal Shower gift) Love the smell
Candle – $3.99 at Walmart

Anyone else doing some early-fall and autumn decorating? I just couldn’t wait! This weekend I am headed to Columbus, OH for the Country Living Fair and hope to find a few other items to add to my fall season decorations.


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