A Little Rearrangement…

While working towards my Operation Organization project and my new kick of, “Let’s-enjoy-the-house-now-and-quit-waiting-for-it-to-become-something-it’s-not” move, I swapped the Office and Living Room.
It just made sense for the layout of our house. We can now get things put away and LIVE  in our home. Thanks to a little prodding from Nathan to get on that, it is finally complete and we are very happy with it. I finally cleaned up the “put away” and “wedding gift” piles and got our house back to a living condition. Now we can replace pieces one by one and not hurry into any decisions.Nathan has always had a couch in the kitchen growing up. May seem crazy and out of place for some people, but for his family, it worked. You can see it in this picture with Libby, the couch is adjacent to the kitchen table, on the left. There is an island, on the top of the picture, and behind that is the rest of the kitchen. The couch just seems to…work.

I enjoy the concept of it also. Whoever may be cooking, can socialize with whomever while they lounge on the couch and watch TV. The space is definitely large enough to accommodate it all. I think that the joy of  learning to adapt and embrace the house you were blessed with and not the large, maybe open-concept one you had always dreamed of.
Our home has so much character and if we made changes to fit the “normal” or “modern-day” perception of a home today, we would be sacrificing the character of our home.
We wanted our Living Room closer to the Kitchen and Dining Room to enjoy the space we spend the most time in. Here was the Living Room before (previously the office) which is directly off of the Dining Room, separated by large pocket doors. I don’t have an original picture of the office with the desk in it, must have been too excited to clear it out and forgot to take one!
Here is the closest to the beginning.

We then moved the Living Room in adjacent to the Dining Room. Please ignore the mess and unfinished room

Here is a shot of the pocket doors that divide the Dining Room and Living Room, so you can get your bearings on the layout.

Here is the blank wall in the Living Room that we plan to house a new flat TV on or in a built-in somehow to disguise the radiator.

Sorry for the Blair Witch Project angle here, but this is the opposite wall, with the door that connects to the Office. Nathan’s closet is currently housed in the Living Room…isn’t that wonderful, convenient too! : )

The reason for the closet in the Living Room or Office, whichever way you look at it, was always used as a bedroom in the older days of the house until Nathan moved in.
Conclusion: the Living Room works very well for us off of the Dining Room, especially now, for air conditioning purposes, because we can close off the front of the house and keep the Living Room and Dining Room cooler.

We then moved the Office to the farthest room in the front of the house.

Nathan’s gigantic TV and plants are still dominating the space, but one thing at a time. We will have these rooms whipped into shape in no time.

I am just rotating, clockwise in the room, if you haven’t figured that out. We have also reached the other set of pocket doors, which leads to a front hallway and staircase that I cannot wait to give some TLC.

In the picture below, the front door would be on the left side of the picture, but I couldn’t capture it all. Don’t you love the detail of the staircase? Yes, that is a temporary spot for Nathan’s crafty-work of a bookshelf.

I love this staircase!

The rearranging is complete for now, but I’m sure more will follow.


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