Porch Re-Design

With the siding finished on the side porch on our house, I think now is the time for a low cost porch re-design! Yip…yip…hooray (I think that was suppose to be hip…hip…oops) for a low-cost project. Nathan will love this!

Let’s start off with the beginning. Here is the porch… pre-Karen, we will say.
Well this isn’t technically pre-Karen, because there is a new window and porch lights, but this is the closet I have to the beginning.

Don’t you love the dog bed on the railing, the 30 of Busch Light by the door and the scrap A/C off to the right. ; )
Here are the new windows and new door. Yippee! And because I married a sweet, sweet man : ) He gave me these awesome white rocking chairs for my birthday!
They kind of look out of place on the un-done porch. But are such an important piece of our puzzle. I’ve wanted a porch with a swing or rocking chairs for a very long time.
Notice the Busch Light has made it closer to making it into the house, it is now on the step. ; )
Here is with no siding. Everybody say hello to Oliver.

And here we are now with siding and new closet door.

The first stage is complete, including:

  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • New Exterior Doors
  • Framing and Soffit
  • Seating

And now for some small finishing touches…

What inspired these finishing touches was a free table I acquired at work. It was a foul day, the internet was down and I ended up cleaning the office all afternoon and I came upon this little golden nugget.

It’s solid, simple and perfect and I automatically seen potential for this guy…
Between…these guys!

I sanded it down to rough it up a little to apply a couple polyurethane coats to protect it from the outdoor elements.

I chose this product for the protection it provided from all different elements.

However, after reading the fine print of the directions…(look towards the middle of the picture.) “Apply only when surface and air temperatures are 50-90 degrees during application and drying time.”

My quick and easy project came to a screaching halt! : (

It officially has been 19 days of heat and diminishing patience, waiting to paint my golden nugget of a table. Fast forward those 19 days…AND…

I’ve gotten the table painted!

I used a neat trick I came across on pinterest, which worked wonderfully to use while painting and keeping the rim of the can clean and un-sticky.

I used a bristle brush in same direction strokes as the wood grain, for a smooth coating. A foam brush would have soaked up too much product and could have potentially disintegrated and left foam in the paint.

The only To-Dos left on the list are…

  • Purchasing 2-spiral trees to flank each side of the porch door, or one, just for the left side
  • Outdoor pillows for the rocking chair 
  • Painting the doors either a red or green
  • Finding a seasonal wreath to hang on either door
Then I think we can call this porch over-haul COMPLETE for awhile. Down the line we would like to…

  •  Bust out the existing concrete on the porch and replace with a new stained and stamped concrete patio. Something with a pattern like this…
  • Upgrade entry-door to something like this…

That will be for another day, another dollar. Any ideas on door colors?

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