My Photoshop Past-Time

I really enjoy completing do-it-yourself projects and with my Photoshop program I have been able to do just that. I was introduced to photoshop in the beginning of 2009 in my Design I course in college.We were using Photoshop CS3 as a display/presentation board tool. Using it to edit photos, create design boards and render design objects to make design ideas a reality. Such as, turning an image of a favorite chair, that is only shown in white, to black.

Using it day-in and day-out, I became pretty familiar with it and when it came time to our wedding paper goods…I decided I could tackle that.

I created our vintage-western-typography invites using Photoshop CS4. I purchased recycled brown grocery bag envelopes and Avery 2″x4″ shipping labels. We punched the corners of each label out with a lace punch after all the addresses were printed onto them from Microsoft Word.

I also purchased a custom return address stamp, to stamp each with, to be more personalized.

I was very proud of my work and was able to stay around $1 per invitation.

I also, created coordinating ceremony programs too.

My Photoshop past-time is resurfacing again, as I have been playing around with some ideas for my friend, Lizzie’s wedding paper goods.
I have created an example for her, including her gray and yellow color combo, which I love. Come to find out afterward, that her fiance, Austin’s middle name, is NOT Gary and Lizzie wants Lizbeth NOT Lizzie! I am an awesome friend. : )

You can check out my inspiration board for her wedding over here on Pinterest, here.

I hope to continue exercising my Photoshop skills to create art for family and friends, as it’s a stress-reliever, free and personalized…a TRIPLE win-win-win! If anybody has a need for any paper goods, let me know. I always love to create something new.

Who knows where I might end up with past time and what I will create in the future. I’ll keep you posted!


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