iPad, Peel Pizza and Jumbo Birthday Cupcakes!

Nathan is celebrating his last birthday in his twenties today…29 years old! Crazy to think! I wanted to make it special and do something unique to make it relaxing, since he has been go-go lately with baling/hauling hay, selling seed and other farm work.

We had been discussing purchasing an iPad to be used for an additional computer for us. We thought it would definately benefit and serve a purpose for us, instead of just being a trendy purchase.

To save a little money we are both going to get non-internet/smart phones, to eliminate the $29.99/per month charge on my cellphone bill, which is completely unecessary for us. We are currently paying $27.00 for wireless internet service at our house and that works just fine for us. However, we only have one computer and we have to take turns…not always efficient.

Hence, the purchase of an iPad = perfect solution for Nathan (and maybe a little for me.) Nathan uses the internet/computer to mess around on facebook, check ball game scores, but most importantly and is beginning to do more for his seed selling business.

The iPad is a perfect option for him because for what he is doing, he doesn’t need a keyboard or a mouse. He can travel with his iPad to his meetings and take photos, email or send documents/seed invoices to our printer from anywhere. It also is a very great tool to use with his seed customers, to show necessary maps, diagrams, and any other materials that would help his seed sales.

Nathan has no idea that I went ahead and ordered an iPad for him. I purchased it on Wal-Mart’s website. I chose a 16GB with Wi-Fi and 3G. To translate that, it means I didn’t not get an overly large storage capacity, as Nathan and I do not have a ton of media, such as music, photos or other storage-hogging programs. 16GB will be oodles plenty for what we will be using it for. I also opted for 3G, which means we can access the internet anywhere, as you can on your smart phone. He will also have the Wi-Fi capability to access the internet where reception may not be avaliable. Meaning, Nathan can use it almost anywhere. But please, keep it on the down-low, as he has not opened it yet!

I also will be surprising him with a dinner date to an exciting pizza place called Peel in Edwardsville. They use interesting ingredients, like cheese/alfredo sauce on the pizza or unique toppings like slices of pear and brie. We have been meaning to try this place out for over 2 years now, but never want to take the time to get there, it’s about an hour. Well today is the day, because there is no time like the present!

I also hope to get together sometime this weekend with his mom, brother, sister, brother-in-law and my mom for supper and some jumbo yellow-cake cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I made the cupcakes last week and froze them unfrosted. I learned this trick from Nathan’s mom. By doing this, the cupcakes are more moist after they thaw and it saves you time and extends your dessert, if you can’t consume the whole 24-cupcake batch before they dry out. We also did this with our wedding cupcakes and ate them last week and they tasted very good!

Including all these birthday shenanigans. Nathan also was surprised with a little mini-Birthday party on our trip to Iowa this past weekend. My sister and Grandma pulled it together. Grandma had baked a homemade chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting and a pan of scotcharoos (one of our all-time favorites!) Kristen brought green icing to decorate the cake with “Happy 29th Birthday Nathan!!” and we even put a little deer figurine on the cake. Nathan doesn’t not hunt or have any attachment to deer, but Kristen and I thought it gave the cake some “dimension.”

Anyway, 29 candles = major fire hazard. Grandma, Kristen and I all burned fingers, candles melted each other before we could light them all, leaving wax on the frosting and the deer got burned. : ( But I think Nathan enjoyed it as much as we did and it was a great family gathering with delicious food!

I sure hope Nathan enjoyed himself. He’s not one to make a fuss about birthdays, but it’s a different case in our family and I hope he grows to enjoy his birthday! ; )
Only 365 days until the big…3-0! That may call for a major celebration! ; )

Happy 29th Birthday Nathan!


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