Aiming for Aruba!

Nathan found out where his Beck’s Dealer Trip is…
Palm Beach, Aruba!
Look at that water!
At the Westin Resort & Casino
Bring on the tiki huts, food buffets, frozen drinks, the sun and the sand.
February 25th thru March 1st of 2013.
I could used to that…


In order to enjoy a week of sun… sand… and frozen drinks. : )

leaving Illinois in the middle of winter in February

for Aruba…

all expenses paid…

Yes, please…

Nathan needs to sell 400 additional bags of seed corn, than he sold last year.
Sounds challenging, right!?

I know Nathan is capable of attaining this goal and I am going to help anyway I can, to get to Aruba…because I am getting to a beach one way or another.

I mean who wouldn’t be motivated by these images!?

Photo courtesy of Caribbean Collection.
Photo courtesy of Hyatt Regency Aruba.

I hope Nathan feels the same way. I think he secretly loves beach vacations as much as I do. Maybe for different reasons…but same diff. He can learn to love FREE trips to the BEACH!

To be eligible for an all-expense paid trip each February, dealers need to increase their seed corn sales each year by 400 bags.

When we were discussing honeymoons, we mutually agreed that the dealer trip would be our actual honeymoon, where ever and when it would be. And, I think Aruba would be a great honeymoon destination! And the free detail is the icing on the wedding cake.

We do have a bit of a saving grace, as we can buy into this trip, at a discounted rate depending on how many bags Nathan increases his seed corn sales by. The closer he is to the 400 bags, the cheaper the trip costs for us.

Is that considered cheating…?

I think not.
I think of it as more of a guarantee that we WILL be going to Aruba, one way or another!

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