Operation Organization Challenge

As summer heats up each and everyday, making it almost unbearable to do anything outside, unless you’re in the water. I have decided to tackle some interior projects in the air conditioning and save my outdoor projects for fall when it finally rains and cools off.

I’ve decided to challenge myself by putting a completion date on these tasks to make sure I have addressed all these issues before September 1, 2012. Here is the Operation Organization Challenge to-do list.

– Refrigerator
– Utensil storage
– Sink area
– Mail organization
      – Nathan’s
              – Magazines
              – Newspapers
              – Beck’s mail
      – Karen’s
              – Magazines
      – Joint mail
      – Bills
– Coupons/ groceries lists

– Clean out closet and create table/glassware storage.

– cabinets
      – Add more shelving in tall “cattle supply” pantry
– storage bench
      – Gloves/Sock hats
      – Hats (baseball caps)
– Shoe organization
– Darks, colors and whites dirty laundry storage
– Clothes folding area/ironing board
– Establish a “Lost and Found” collection container

– Clean and dust
– Sort thru clothes for an end of August garage sale
– Bag/belt/scarves/accessories
– Bedding/sheets

– Complete a storage/work space in garage for Nathan’s tools
– Clean out closet to store outdoor/cold weather clothes until Winter

– Clean out
– Transfer Carhartts and cold weather clothes to outdoor closet
– Move Nathan’s tools out to garage

I’m sure I will come up with more to add to the list, but for now this is a good start. Check back for before and afters, as I cross each item off my list.


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